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 Scott, Newsom, Cote, and Slover win the Pursuits

Sassi Logo 2020 200January 27: Nora McCourt, skiing for Mt. Blue High School, Nora McCourtwon the women's 2024 Sassi Memorial 5k Classical at Black Mountain of Maine. McCourt attacked the course on the John Roderick trail system that included the infamous High School Hill and finished with a time of 17:34.5. Gould Academy's Nyla Scott came in second with a time of 17:42.5. Also stepping up to the podium was Orono's Ruth White, whose 3rd place time was 17:55.5.

Myaa Kellett of Mt. Blue came in fourth, crossing the finish at 17:59.7. Fifth place went to her teammate Lucinda Carroll who had a time of 18:12.6. Also finishing in the top eight were Sylvia Harvey of Greely (18:20.8), Natalie McCarthy of Mt. Blue (18:22.4), and Gould Academy's Hannah Grohman.

In the men's race that followed, Quarry Road's Beckett Cote took gold with a time of 15:19.7. Finish behind Cote was Ellis Slover of Gould with a time of 15:32.2. Third place was taken by Teo Steverlynck-Horne of Freeport HS who strided across the line with a time of 15:32.8.

Henri McCourt of Mt. Blue came in fourth, finishing in 15:38.0 while Fort Kent's Alden Beardon took fifth place with a time of 15:44.8. Rounding out the top eight were Lucas Barstow of Gould (15:51.9), Tait Harver of Greely (16:02.5, and Quarry Road's Orrin Slover (16:16.7).

Beckett CoteThe final two races were the 2.5k Freestyle Pursuit, where the races were seeded and sent out in the order of their times in the morning's 5K Classical. So, the Chisholm Ski Club crew groomed the course for the freestyle discipline, the skiers had some lunch and swapped their classical skis for their skate skis for a chance to be named to the Eastern High School Championship and U16 nordic teams. 

In the women's EHSC qualifier, Nyla Scott of Gould was able to make up the 8 seconds and overtake Nora McCourt to capture the pursuit race. Scott completed the course in 8:05.4 for a combined time for the two races of 25:47.4. Mcourt finished the race in 8:13.5 for a combined 25:47.5. Third place went to Hannah Grohman (8:21.3 :26:44.3.

The women's U16 pursuit, Brynn Newsom of Gould finished in first with a time of 9:23.1 for a 28:07.1 combined time. Finishing in seond place was Ida Waterman of Gray-New Gloucester with a time of 9:54.6 for a combined 30:27.6 time. Finishing in third was Gould's Evelyn Burnes (9:38.1 :30:31.1).

 Beckett Cote of Quarry Road was able to hold his lead to capture the men's pursuit race. Cote skated across the finish line in 7:03.1, which game him a combined time for the two races of 1:22.22. Right behind him was Teo Steverlynck-Horne, who gained ground on Cote but was not able to catch him. He finished with a freestyle time of 6:56.3, good enough for a second place combined time of 22:28.3. In third place was Ellis Slover (6:56.3 :22:28.3).

Finally, in the men's U16 division, Ellis' younger brother Orrin took top honors with a skate time of 7:16.2 and a combined time of 23:32.2. Damian Wynn of Mt. Blue HS came in second, crossing the line in 7:51.2 for a combined 25:03.2 time. In third was Quarry Road's Lex Cote (8:22.7 :26:13.7).

A special thanks goes out to all the Chisholm Ski Club volunteers who worked tirelessly to host a world class event for our Maine Youth Skiers. It takes a village.

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Race Photos by RVG Photos