tom careyMarch 16, 2021:

Tom Carey actually lives on the edge of the Black Mtn. cross country ski trails. Tom walks the ski trails daily and keeps an eye on things. A valuable club member helping winter and summer often doing a double working a alpine race in the morning and xc race in the afternoon he is the iron man. 
Tom has a wife Sally and 3 children Seth, Briah and Brooke.

1. Favorite ski area? Black Mtn.

2. Pets at home? Dog, who is with him and  kinda of our mascot.

3. Favorite race at Black Mtn. Shootout

4. Job at events? Gate keeper on the alpine hill and utility man on the cross country races.

5. Best Black Mt. memory? Beating his older brother in a one on one ski race!

6. Do you still ski? Every chance I get!

7. Who started you skiing? Dad

8. How long have you been a club member? 25 years.

9. Red or brown hot dogs? Red with ketchup.

10. Dream ski trip? Alps

Thank you Volunteers