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dottie adamsDecember 20, 2020:

Dottie Adams is a long time club volunteer. She most likely has done every job that there is to do at a ski race. One of the most caring and helpful people on the earth she is involved in many groups and orgs. from the ski area to the town of Hanover. Her biggest job of all is putting up with Herb! Dottie lives in Hanover with Herb and they have 2 children Erin and Derek.

1. Favorite ski are? Black Mt.

2.Pets at home? Cat

3.Favorite race at Black Mt.? Maine High School St. Meet.

4. Job at events? Works in Race Headquarters.

5. Best Black Mt. memory? Herb's sign presentation.

6. Do you still ski? No

7.Who started you skiing? My best friend at Gould.

8. How long have you been a club member? 56 years.

9. Red or brown hotdogs Red with everything on it.

10. Dream ski trip? Colorado