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Please note that any spectator on skis at any Nordic race must purchase a race spectator pass to be on course and the Nordic trails for the day.

Fee: $7.00

Tickets available at the ticket counter and at the Chisholm Ski Club Race Headquarters.

Thank you for supporting Nordic skiing and our Nordic Trail System.

 We are a 501-c3 corporation promoting affordable skiing In the River Valley

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The Red Jackets


CSC Club Photo 2014


The Chishoml Ski Club is made up of an army of volunteers dedicated to the goal of promoting sking for youth in the River Valley, Maine, New England and beyond. This page will highlight some of the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make this a reality. In these articles, we asked our volunteers 10 questions.

carlie caseyNovember 22, 2020:

Carlie Casey is a valuable member of the ski club with his official's credentials. He was a long time West Coast TD before moving East. As a FIS TD he has been around the world working ski races and not only helps our club but is a key cog in the Bethel Trails program. You can find him in the XC stadium helping with set and design or on the trail making sure the rules are followed. A great resource for the ski club!

Carlie lives in Bethel with his wife Charleen and has 3 children Jessie, Colin and Cameron. Carlie has practiced psychology for many years.

1. Your favorite ski area? Craftsbury, Vt.

2. Pets at home? None

3. Favorite BM race? Sassi

4.Job at events? Either TD, Course control or Chief of Comp.

5.Best BM memory? Night skiing, and going to the hill in his dads Saab with his 6 sibs.

6.Do you still ski? Yes

7. Who started you skiing? My folks.

8. How long have you been a club member? 20 years

9. Red or brown hot dogs? Red with mustard and relish.

10. Dream ski trip? To ski the entire length of Norway. I have done parts but not all of it.

roger arsenaultNovember 15, 2020: Roger is the Chair of the Black Mountain Board and also a leading member of the Chisholm Ski Club. He not only looks out for the best interest of the Mountain, but is the leader of the alpine racing programs and does many jobs including timing, course setting and a multitude of other things on the slopes. He also is help with the XC races as he is on the trail crew setting tracks and marking courses, and 20 other things. Roger also knows how to shake the money tree with his contacts with the Chamber of Commerce. The Mountain  is lucky to have him around!

Roger lives in Rumford with his wife Barbara, he has two sons Steve and Brian and is one of the owners of Community Energy plumbing and heater company.

1. Favorite ski area? Black Mtn.

2. Pets at home? None

3. Favorite race at BM? Telstar Schuss

4. Job at events? You name it.

5. Best BM memory? Getting his family skiing there.

6. Do you still ski? Yes

7. Who started you skiing? Uncle Armand Arsenault

8. How long have you been a club member? 60 years.

9. Red or Brown hot dogs? Red with Mustard and relish.

10. Dream ski trip? Chichock in Canada and Utah.

terry richardNovember 8, 2020: Terry lives in Dixfield  with husband Walt and has two children Sawyer and Sela. She is a nurse at the hospital in Farmington. Terry is like the mother of the ski club. Always involved in all of the clubs efforts in one way or another. She serves on the CSC Board of Directors and is our secretary. Terry answered 10 questions for us.

1. Your favorite ski area? Jackson Hole, Wyo. where she lived for many years.

2. Do you have family pets? 2 dogs and 4 cats and that swells when the kids come home.

3. Favorite race at Black Mt?  The Sassi XC race.

4. Your job at events? Lining up skiers and checking bibs at the start on XC day and she also works the kitchen serving meals and a 100 other things as well.

5. Best Black Mt. memory? Skiing the "Bunny" trail that was a cutoff on the old woods trail.

6. Do you still ski? Yes!

7. Who started you skiing? Both parents whom were some of the original stock holders of Chisholm Winter Park.

8. How long have you been a club member? 55 years

9. Red hot dogs or brown? Red of course

10. Dream ski trip? A family trip to Lillihammer, Norway

Thank you Volunteers