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The Chisholm Ski Club enthusiastically supports competitive skiing in the River Valley area. We provide opportunities at the Black Mountain facilities for Nordic and Alpine skiers to learn and excel in their sport. We also seek to preserve the great local tradition of skiing and ski racing.

All skiing enthusiasts are welcome as members of the Chisholm Ski Club. Presently we are made up of skiers, parents, former Chisholm Ski Club skiers and other people interested in supporting our mission. Annual dues of $15.00 per family are due in July of each year. To be a member in good standing dues must be paid before January 1st. Skiers are expected to compete as a member of the Chisholm Ski Club in all competitions other than school events. Family members of skiers are expected to volunteer in at least (3) Club events throughout the season. The Board of Directors and members meet on the third Tuesday of each month to discuss Club business. Sign up online today!

The activities of the Chisholm Ski Club vary from year to year as determined by the majority opinion of its Board of Directors. The Club hosts local, regional, state, and national races as opportunities and funding allow. Annual events include the St Patty’s day race and festival, volunteer banquet, and an annual meeting and member banquet. Funds to support Club activities and Club athletes are raised through dues, fundraisers, private donations, bottle drives, raffles and race fees.

The Club maintains a Junior OlympicTeam fund which can provide financial help to Club athletes in good standing who are named to a Junior Olympic Team. Club athletes who are named to a post season State Team can receive financial help from the general fund depending on the financial condition of the Club and with the recommendation of the Board of Directors. Those competing in sanctioned events such as New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA) cross country qualifiers or alpine (MARA) races at Black Mountain receive a complementary entry fee. As a Chisholm Ski Club member, athletes are entitled to discount membership in NENSA.

The Club supports the River Valley Community by providing skiing opportunities for its youth, by cooperating with and enhancing Black Mountain’s efforts, and by providing an economic boost to the area’s restaurants and motels.


In 1924, in the Rumford Police Courtroom, a meeting was organized by a group of enthusiastic winter sports fans and the Chisholm Ski Club was born. The annual winter carnival had its beginning during that winter and began a tradition that was to continue for the next 50 years.
From the records of the club in the 20’s, it was written, "when on every Sunday evening at 7:00 o’clock for three months past in the Municipal Police Courtroom you can get together anywhere from twenty-five to thirty men and spend several hours planning for the next carnival. It is this loyal body of members that makes the Chisholm Ski Club a leader among the clubs of the Eastern United States Association.”
The Club and Rumford were awarded the Eastern Amateur Ski Meet in November 1929. “It will put Rumford, Maine before the entire nation as one of the big winter sports centers justly in a class with the already famous Lake Placid, NY, Greenfield, MA, Brattleboro, VT, and our special friend and neighbor, Berlin, NH. It required the the entire support of the whole community to put it over as it should be put over. We must maintain the reputation that we already have been doing things and doing them right”..."Our Club has made wonderful progress in the past five years and you will be quite surprised of the results that will be obtained in the years to come by our Club, the Chisholm Ski Club.”
Below are the results :

Chummy Broomhall Jack Lufkin
Robert Pidacks Frank Lutick, Jr.
Jim Miller  



Bill Ferguson Bob Roderick
Gary Giberson Wilson Gagnon
Dick Giberson, Jr. Allen Kerr
Bud Fisher George Perry
Greg Fisher Major Lefevre (3 times)
Bruce Cunningham Rick Hale
Greg Cunningham Greg Poirier (twice)
Wayne Cunningham (Olympic Jumping Coach)
Billy Chenard Tom Hathaway
Bobby Zinck Richard Rivard
Tom Grace, Jr. Lee Buotte
Steve Mickericz Frank Lutick, Jr.
Pat Miller Doug Rose
Jim Miller Phillip Broomhall
Larry Poulin Scott Broomhall
Avery Caldwell John Manson
Mike Allen Devon Morrill
Jack Lufkin Justin Easter

Anne Arsenault (Rand) Leslie Miller (Morrill)
Liz Carey (Butera) Diane Fournier
Liz Chenard Hillary Easter

Al Merrill
Elwin Blood
Charlie Akers Mike Dunn


The Club has over the years been host to many national competitions, ski jumping being one of its proud moments. Aurele Legere and Slim Broomhall won Eastern and State of Maine championships.
The Club’s reputation for its involvement in cross country skiing really began in the 1950’s.. It hosted the Olympic Tryouts in 1951 and in 1952; the U.S. Olympic cross country and Nordic Classical skiers trained in Rumford. Wendall (Chummy) Broomhall and Bob Pidacks of Rumford made the U.S. Olympic Team and competed in Oslo, Norway. Additionally, the F.I.S. committee awarded the World Cross Country Championships to Rumford in 1950 because of insufficient snow in Lake Placid.
The Chisholm Ski Club exists to support the youth and school programs in the greater Rumford area. It still has one of the best volunteer corps in the country with its “loyal body of members” just as the Club had when it began back in the ‘20’s.
We were proud to host the U.S. Cross Country Championships in 2003, 2004, 2011 and 2012.

Chisholm Jr. Ski Team in the 1960'sChisholm Jr. Ski Team in the 1960's