Black Mountain Ski Resort Chisholm Ski Club Trail Race Pass

Please note that any spectator on skis at any Nordic race must purchase a race spectator pass to be on course and the Nordic trails for the day.

Fee: $7.00

Tickets available at the ticket counter and at the Chisholm Ski Club Race Headquarters.

Thank you for supporting Nordic skiing and our Nordic Trail System.

 We are a 501-c3 corporation promoting affordable skiing In the River Valley

Thank you

Meetings shall normally be held the third Tuesday of each month. Use "Club Minutes" menu to view past meeting minutes.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Chisholm Ski Club Board will be our Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 19th, at 6:00 pm Muriel's Kitchen at Black Mountain of Maine. All Club members are invited to attend the board meetings.  

Chisholm Bylaws (updated 2017)

Thank you Volunteers