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john roderick marathon coloredDavid Herr of Canaan, Vt. outdistanced 12 marathoners to capture the championship in the 6th Annual John Roderick Marathon at Black Mountain of Maine on February 3rd. Herr completed the 9 lap course in

2:38:24.7. Finishing in second place was Aaron Colman of Rye Beach, NH with a time of 2:47:17.1. Third place went to Patrick Ely of Brunswick, ME at 2:52:18.5.IMG 8222

In the 25K freestyle race, Charlie Cobb took gold with Jonathan Rodd winning the silver medal. Dennis Page took gold in the classical discipline of the 25K race. 

In the 15K Freestyle, Jeremy Ravenelle took first place, followed by Stephen Morse in second, and Richael Beaulieu grabbed third place.

In the women's competition, Alison Chase of Orono, ME completed the 50K course in 2:59:43.6 to capture gold with Susannah Young of Brunswick took silver, finishing the 50,043m course in 3:40:40.7. To keep things in perspective, the 50,043 meter race translates to 31.10 miles.

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Emily Prud'Homme of Bernard, ME won the 25K women's race, finishing in1:55:37.3. In the 15K, Margie Prevot of East Hardwick, VT. came in first with a time of 1:04:44.0. Elysha Dyer of Lisbon Falls, ME cam in second with Veazie, ME's Martin Skacel taking third.

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