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Please note that any spectator on skis at any Nordic race must purchase a race spectator pass to be on course and the Nordic trails for the day.

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mara logo 200In the Black Mountain of Maine's Maine Alpine Skiers Association Giant Slalom Opener on January 23rd, youth skiers displayed great skill and courage as they navigated the course in Rumford. Skiers competed in 4 classes: 1) Under 8, 2) Under 10, 3) Under 12 and 4) Under 14.

In the girls Under 8 age group, Elise Duda of CVA came in first with times of 45.63 and 42.77 for a two-run combined time of 1:28.40. Second place went to Natalie Blaisdell of CVA with a combined time of 1:30.67. GACP's Greta Mendenhall took third with a combined time of 1:34.32.

In the girls Under 10 class, CVA's Molly Holman took the gold with times of 37.98 and 38.06 for a 1:16.04 total. Second place was won by Camille Cannan of CARR with a combined time of 1:17.29. Taking the final podium spot was Hazel Redman at 1:21.18.

The girls Under 12 class was won by Addison Libby of CART. She had runs of 40.27 and 39.31 for a total of  1:19.58. Right behind her was LVRC's Olivia Tassinari with a total time of 1:23.25, followed by Audrey Dupuy of GACP (1:23.54).

Lily BoulangerLily Boulanger of GACP took the gold in the Under 14 Class, scoring times of 35.76 and 36:12 for a combined score of 1:11.88. The silver was won by Ashley Nelson of Chisholm Alpine Racing Team with a combined score of 1:12.04. Rounding out the top three was Hailey Labrecque of LVRC (1:17.66).

In the boys competition, James Redman came in first in the Under 8 age group. He had runs of 47.82 and 46.26 for a combined score of 1:34.08. Second place went to Winston Mehalic of CVA with a combined time of 1:36.0. Ethan Duda took third with a 1:38.24 combined time.

The Under 10 class was captured by Henry Sapak of GACP. He earned his combined time of 1:15.0 with runs of 38.10 and 36.96. Second place went to Whnn Mendenhall of GACP wiht a combined score of 1:15.90. Finishing in 3rd was Simms Patten of CVA (1:19.93).

In the Under 12 class, Jack Bartash Jack Bartashtook the gold with scores of 38.02 and 38.04 for a total of 1:16.06. Robbie Servidio of CVA came in second with a combined time of 1:16.83 while his teammate Davis Awamleh took third (1:19.81).

Cal Vincent of Lost Valley took top honors in the Under 14 age group. He had times of 34.91 and 35.90 for a 1:10.81 combined score. Second place went to Garrett Beaucage of LVRC with a 1:14.37 combined time. Independent skier Carter Hill took third (1:18.14).

Race Photos by rvg photos logo small

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