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The Maine Principal Association's Ski Committee has received a great deal of feedback regarding the ski helmet requirements that were in effect in the 2018-2019 ski season.

FIS labelFollowing a recommendation from the Coaches’ Association, the Ski Bulletin and Alpine Rule Book will be adjusted to the FIS rule in place for GS, but allow for the use of "slalom helmets" as is under current FIS and USSA rules. “Helmets designed and manufactured for the partic- ular event of ski racing being contested are required for all competitors and fore- runners in all USSA events and official training. Helmets must bear a CE mark and conform to recognized and appropri- ate standards such as CEH.Din 1077, ASTM F2040, SNELL S98 or RS 98. The CE mark (see below) shall be affixed in a non-removable way on the back of the helmet in a visible location not cov- ered by the goggle strap.

Helmets must cover the head and ears. Helmets with spoilers or edges that stick out are not per- mitted. Protective fea- tures integral to the event being contested, such as chin guards on SL helmets are per permitted. Soft ear protection is only permitted for helmets used in SL.”

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