mpa-colored-logoFiona Ahearne, skiing for Maine Coast Waldorf School (formerly Merriconeag), skated to a gold medal in Day One of the Class C Maine State Nordic Championships at Black Mountain on Thusday. The race, which was originally scheduled to be a classical race, was changed to a freestlye race because of the rainstorm that swept through Rumford on Tuesday.

mpa-colored-logoTucker Pierce captured the gold in the MPA Class C Ski Championship 5K Freestyle race at Black Mountain Ski Resort on  Thursday, February 18th. The Black Mountain workers and Chisholm Ski Club volunteers worked feverously to get the course ready for the competition as they were faced with extremely ice trails to groom as a result of the rain storm two days before the race. Pierce completed the three lap course in 15:36 to take the gold for Maine Coast Waldorf, a 10 second cushion over silver medalist Willson Moore of Waynflete, who finished in 16:24.5. Taking the bronze medal was Malcom Milligan of Ashland.

mpa-colored-logoOne can assume that Fiona Ahearne is feeling right at home on John Roderick Trail system at Black Mountain Ski Resort. No matter what adjustments the grooming crew at the Rumford base ski resort has to make to pull off the races, Ahearne dominates. Ahearn led the Maine Coast Waldorf school to the 2016 Maine Principals Associaton Women's Class C Nordic Championship with a victory in the 5K Classical race. It was Ahearne's 3 gold medal at the venue this winter, having already won the Sassi Memorial 5K and the State 5K Freestyle on Day ! on the state championships.

mpa-colored-logoTucker Pierce, who won the 5K Freestyle on Thursday, repeated his wnning ways by capturing the MPA Class C Classical 5K Gold at Black Mountain Ski Resort of February 19th. In doing so, Pierce led his Maine Coast Waldorf team to the Men's Class C Nordic Championship. The Maine Coast star competed the course in 16:39.5. Pierce overtook Waynflete's outstanding racer, Willson Moore, who took silver with a 17:07.6 finish. Taking the final podium spot was Malcom Milligan of Ashland, who finished the race with a time of 18:37.5.

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